Ohio Warrior: Aubrey, age 5

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Photography by Heather Marshall Photography
Video by
Sean Campe


Congratulations, Aubrey!


The Inman family is no stranger to overcoming difficulty and rising to the occasion. When Aimee Inman first joined the United States Air Force, she quickly realized that once she graduated from Basic Military Training and Technical School, the Air Force was sending her to North Carolina, forcing her away from her home state of Ohio. So, she and her high school sweetheart, Bryan, decided to marry at a young age and turned an unforeseen situation into the beginning of a new chapter.


Growing up in rocky homes and getting an early start on life, the Inman’s were determined to do parenthood right. “It took us a little over 5 years to grow up and get ready for kiddos. So we could be the best parents we envisioned ourselves as.” When the couple learned that their oldest of two daughters would be born with cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disease, they were faced with many unknowns. “We had no clue we were even carriers.”

They immediately got started seeking answers and treatment opportunities for Aubrey, now 5 years old, to live her life just like any other child. The Inman’s will be reassigned for the second time in the very near future and they have full trust that the military will put Aubrey’s best interests first. “Our first reassignment was terrifying because we didn’t know how the EFMP worked, we thought we were all on our own to find her doctors, accredited CF centers, children’s hospitals and everything else we didn’t know we needed yet. Aubrey wasn’t even a year old at the time.” The Exceptional Military Families Program (EFMP) ensures Aimee will be stationed where Aubrey will have outstanding treatment options that can continue to help her fight with CF. This program assists all military members who have children with medical needs.

And, most recently, Aubrey’s fight against CF gained yet another ally. The Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation selected Aubrey for the Legacy Project through which she received an AffloVest offering next-generation technology in airway clearance therapy. The AffloVest’s lightweight and portable features will support Aubrey when the family is moving, traveling, or even staying right at home to work on staying healthy, battling CF, and “[keep] on having fun,” says Aimee.

aubrey day!

Aimee and Bryan were integral in helping create a celebration for Aubrey that also supported the work of the Legacy Foundation. With the support of Dayton Children's Hospital, Performance Bicycle, MusclePharm, Toyota of Bedford and CJO Fitness, the Inmans and the Legacy Foundation greeted nearly 200 people to ride bikes and go through a bootcamp workout to rally with Aubrey and raise funds to help people with CF.