New York Warrior: Olivia, age 20

selfless, optimistic, courageous


Congratulations, Olivia!

NY - Olivia.jpg

Olivia has a huge heart. Her passion for bringing joy to others has only increased with the tough battle she’s had with cystic fibrosis. In the last couple of years, Olivia has had many hospitalizations preventing her from starting college or finding a steady job. When she has lemons, “Liv” makes lemonade.

Liv Luv Breathe is Olivia’s dream. She has started her own organization that sends packages to teen girls who are in the hospital. The packages are full of items that make a hospital stay a little more tolerable, comfortable and hopeful. She has used her experience of frequent hospitalization to identify products and messages that can make the same experience a little better for the next person.

Olivia looks forward to starting college so she can pursue a career as a child life therapist in a hospital. She recognizes the importance of positivity and focus on mental health for children in the hospital and wants to blend her upbeat attitude with the happy packages she prepares. She looks forward to using her AffloVest to help get time back to pursue her goals. With three to four daily treatment times, being free from the machine connected to the wall will allow her to exercise, study and put her Liv Luv Breathe packages together while she gets her treatment in!

We look forward to giving Olivia encouragement and support as she pursues her education and builds Liv Luv Breathe to serve as many people with a message of hope and encouragement as it can!

olivia’s Legacy Day!

Olivia and her parents got a full weekend of Broadway as the guests of Frozen and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Colton, Cassie and representatives from AffloVest were proud to present Olivia her new AffloVest in the VIP room at Frozen! The support from our sponsors, the Joyce Family Foundation, and American Airlines provided accommodations and flights for Olivia and her family to New York City from the Rochester area so they could experience a weekend to remember!