Let's make living with cystic fibrosis a little sweeter!


Proceeds will purchase toys, crafts and other items for kids with cystic fibrosis who are in the hospital!

NOW - September 30, 2019


Build your lemonade stand, get your supplies ready, and start pouring!

We're here to encourage a spirit of giving and creative ideas while helping people who have cystic fibrosis. Encourage your friends and family to support your lemonade stand - whether through the purchase of a cold glass on a hot day or through a donation on your very own fundraising page!

This year, we’ll use funds to purchase toys, books, crafts, etc for people with cystic fibrosis who are in the hospital. These items can’t be shared and we want to be sure that hospitals have plenty of fun things for kids to do while they recover!

Everyone can leave a legacy! Whether age 5, 25 or 55, our concern, efforts and gifts of service for those who need it define who we are. Want to share information with a prospective fundraiser? Click HERE>>

We also have great prizes for individuals and teams! Have fun and get ready to leave your legacy!

  • Most raised by an individual - $300 Amazon gift card

  • Coolest lemonade stand - $150 Amazon gift card

  • Most raised by an organization /classroom* - $1,000
    To be eligible teams must be made up of more than 1 person. Payment is made to an organization (school, club, nonprofit, etc), not an individual.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up to establish your participation. (Use the sign up button above).

  2. Consider shooting for prizes! We have Amazon gift cards for the individual who raises the most ($300 gift card) and for the coolest lemonade stand ($150 gift card). We also have a team prize of $1,000 for the organization/classroom team that raises the most!

  3. If you are a team leader, be sure to build your team! Everyone who donates to an individual fundraiser that is connected to your team counts toward your team goal.

  4. Use our fundraising tools to share with prospective donors and individual fundraisers in your team.

  5. Share your fundraising page through social media platforms and email.

  6. Build a magnificent lemonade stand! If you want to be considered for our coolest lemonade stand prize, apply HERE>

  7. When you collect cash with your lemonade stand, have an adult use those funds to make a credit card pledge for your fundraising page.

  8. When you have received $15 in donations, we will send you a Lemonade for Legacy t-shirt!

  9. Share our Legacy Foundation info page or print it for your lemonade stand so people understand where their donation is going.

  10. Have fun and let's make living with cystic fibrosis a little bit sweeter!


Take & Make a Stand: Be a Fundraiser!

Create your own Lemonade for Legacy fundraising campaign! Raise money to help people with cystic fibrosis who are in the hospital and use your creativity to do something really special. You'll have a template site to customize and to share with neighbors and family whether they are near enough to visit your lemonade stand or across the country! We'll have great prizes for the most money raised ($300) and the coolest lemonade stand ($150)!  


Create a Team!*

Bring your classroom or other organization together to raise money for people with CF AND your team! The team that raises the most money will get $1,000! Teachers/team leaders can use our tools to teach the value of giving back and blending both traditional entrepreneurial principles with technology to make a big impact!

*Teams must be made up of more than 1 person. Payment is made to an organization (school, club, nonprofit, etc), not an individual.


Support a Fundraiser!

Our Lemonade for Legacy fundraisers will be able to share their campaign with family and friends anywhere in the world! Share their fundraising page and donate on-line to help them meet and exceed their goals and let them experience what it feels like to leave their legacy!