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how can my hospital receive toys from the campaign?

Any hospital that has cystic fibrosis patients can sign up to receive toys and other items from the Lemonade for Legacy campaign! A representative from the the hospital can register HERE. The representative will build a wish list on Amazon and the Legacy Foundation will fulfill the list based on funds received from the campaign!

How do i put together my lemonade stand?

Use your creativity when planning out your lemonade stand!  Remember, you can take pictures of your stand and apply for the "Coolest Lemonade Stand" which awards a Nintendo Switch!  But, here are some basic ideas to help anybody get started...

  1. First, be sure to check with your local laws regarding lemonade stands. There are communities that require a permit or restrict lemonade stands.

  2. Use a small table to be able to put your lemonade, cups, napkins, and donation jar on.

  3. A chair would be a good idea so you can sit in-between visitors

  4. Put some flyers up around the neighborhood. You can download and create your own HERE >

  5. Print out information on The Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation so that when visitors ask what you're raising money for you can show them.

  6. Make your lemonade! You can select what kind to make, but everything from mix-in packets to fresh-squeezed is great.

  7. Set up, and start collecting donations!

  8. Don't forget to take a picture and apply for the Coolest Lemonade Stand!

Supplies suggested :

  1. Pitcher or jar for dispensing / pouring lemonade

  2. Lemonade packets (or you can make it from scratch)

  3. Water

  4. Spoon for stirring

  5. Cups

  6. Napkins / Towels (in case of spills)

  7. Table & Chair

  8. Jar or box for collecting donations

How do I tell people about my lemonade stand?

We have put together a blank poster-style page where you can write your name, address, prices or any other information about your lemonade stand to hand out to neighbors or friends to help you get the word out.  You can download and print it using the link here.

Fundraising Ideas to get the word out :

  1. Print and Handout / Hang Signs

  2. Email your friends and family.

  3. Share about your lemonade stand on your social media or ask your parents / guardians to do so.

  4. Be sure to include a link to your personalized fundraising web page so that people can donate right away!

How can I collect donations?

People can donate directly to your own personalized Lemonade For Legacy webpage!  They don't even need to buy lemonade... they can just support you with a donation.

Visitors to your lemonade stand can pay by check and then you can send in those checks to us.  All checks simply need to be made out to The Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation.

People can pay in cash for their lemonade.  All we ask is that a parent or adult help combine the total cash donations and either send in a check or make a single credit card transaction for that amount on your website.  They then are repaid by keeping the cash.  

How do I get a Lemonade for Legacy t-shirt?

You will receive a Lemonade for Legacy t-shirt as soon as your campaign reaches $15. You can donate that money yourself or wait for others to contribute. Want another shirt? You can purchase them for $20. Add the product to your cart and check out!

from 12.00
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Can a donor send a check instead of contributing online?

You can send checks to:
The Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation
1232 Independence Court
Washington, IL 61571

I'm participating in a team, but could I also win the other prizes?

YES! Your donations can go to support your team but when you sign up you'll also be creating your own account so that people donate to your team through YOU.  Also, anyone can apply for the Coolest Lemonade Stand!

I'm a teacher or group leader who wants to get my class/organization to participate, how do I do that?

Awesome! We have a special form just for you to handout to your students or prospective team-members.  Visit the Fundraising Tools page HERE to do that.  Please note that teams must be made up of more than 1 person. Payment is made to an organization (school, club, nonprofit, etc), not an individual.


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