How will you choose who receives the Afflovest?

The Legacy Foundation's selection committee will review applications and nominations to choose recipients. International Biophysics, maker of the AffloVest, will not be part of the selection process in any way.  The review team will consider many elements including financial need (including whether insurance denied a claim), potential impact on the quality of life of the recipient, enthusiasm and the compelling or unique nature of the applicant's story.

How will I know when applications will close in the state where I live?

There are a few ways you'll know. You can return to for updates on our project map (once applications are open) to find out which states are still accepting applications and which states are about to close the application process. For regular updates, follow us on social media or sign up to receive email notifications.

Can I nominate myself or does someone else have to nominate me?

We'd love to see applicants nominate themselves! If you know that a next generation airway clearance vest can help you live your life more fully, tell us your story! We will review nominations and self-applications equally.

Is there an age limit to apply?

Absolutely not! We recognize that people of all ages living with cystic fibrosis can benefit in different ways from having an airway clearance vest.

Do applicants or recipients have to provide medical information?

We don't require you to provide any confidential medical information. However, we do require that you provide your clinic or physician contact information as part of the application.


Do I have to be financially in need to apply?

Not necessarily. It's good for us to know if finances are prohibiting an applicant from receiving equipment that's needed. Low income or insurance denial of a claim for an airway clearance vest is one of the criteria for selection, but certainly not the only criteria. Tell us your story - a unique and compelling story is important, too.

What is an AffloVest?

The AffloVest is a fully mobile during use HFCWO airway clearance device. The AffloVest pioneered mechanical oscillation airway clearance therapy for patients with severe respiratory diseases such as bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis and other neuromuscular diseases. The AffloVest is battery operated and uses Direct Dynamic Oscillation™ technology that closely mimics hand CPT to help mobilize and clear secretions, allowing for full freedom of mobility during treatment.

The AffloVest is a physician prescribed oscillation treatment device. Respiratory patients should consult their physician to determine how AffloVest can help. To learn more visit