Florida Warrior: Christopher, age 18

talented, driven, optimistic


Congratulations, Christopher!

Florida Recipient - Christopher.jpg

Years ago, Christopher’s medical team told him that playing the trumpet would be too hard due to his cystic fibrosis. He disregarded their concerns and today, Christopher is an accomplished musician living his dream. He’s headed to the University of Miami to pursue his degree in music. In fact, the consensus is that, because of the amount of playing he does each week, his trumpet playing has benefited his lung function. Practice is essentially exercise!

That stubborn determination developed as a result of a committed and supportive family. Upon learning of Christopher’s diagnosis at age 3, his mom, Maria, and the rest of the family, launched a foundation in Christopher’s name to raise money for the cure they dream of . This family refuses to sit still and wait for others to act. Christopher’s sister, Frankie, is a teen advocate for CF in Washington, D.C. each year. Today, the Christoper Ricardo Cystic Fibrosis Foundation works hard to raise funds - an effort that has led to more than $2.5 million to further research. Christopher’s role in his namesake Foundation has allowed him to connect and contribute to the CF community.

Today, Maria worries that Christopher could get lazy with his daily treatment as a freshman in college with new friends, experiences and stresses, but the AffloVest makes her hopeful. Christopher will be able to do his treatment on the go, or while he’s preparing for exams, practicing or socializing. He will have the opportunity to focus on his health without compromising his time.

Congratulations, Christopher, as you embark on this wonderful adventure! We love your commitment to your dream - and we look forward to hearing you play in the near future!

Christopher’s Legacy Day - on broadway in new york city!

While Christopher is from Miami, Florida, his family spends time each summer in New York. The team at Frozen on Broadway invited Christopher to be in the orchestra pit during one of their shows - a bucket list item for any musician!

Prior to the show we met Christopher for dinner. Thanks to our sponsors, AffloVest, the Joyce Family Foundation, and American Airlines, we presented him his AffloVest, got him fitted and shared one more surprise. The amazing people at Carl’s Pro Band of Bloomington, Illinois, provided Christopher a new, beautiful Schilke Flugelhorn - perfect for his future in jazz!

Christopher spent the evening in the closed pit at Frozen getting to know the musicians and experiencing a taste of one of many performance opportunities that could fill his future. We’re so grateful to so many for helping us make a very special day for a young man with a bright future!