Arizona Warrior: Jakob, age 8

Active, Fun, resilient


Congratulations, Jakob!

Arizona Recipient FB2 Post 3.15.2018.jpg

Jakob has an atypical form of cystic fibrosis as well as Mitochondrial Disease and is total parenteral nutrition (TPN) Dependent.  His mom is a single mother of two boys and she works tirelessly to take care of Jakob and his brother.

Jakob has been using another form of airway clearance therapy since he was one year old, but it requires him to be still and hooked up by tubes. In addition, the family has struggled with their insurance company to get a better treatment option without success.

With an AffloVest, Jakob may be more likely to continue his airway clearance treatments regularly because he’ll be able to play games or other activities without it impeding his movement. It can make one important daily activity easier for both Jakob and his family!


jakob’s legacy day!

We had a great crowd at the Cubs v White Sox game in Arizona. Special thanks to all those from the Cubs organization and Sloan Park for a warm welcome as well as those who joined us, especially our friends Dana Kolflat and Robert Perea, Jr. from AffloVest and State Farm agents Cecilia Henriquez Burgess and Matt Funicello!